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Till Ehrich – Qualified designer with a focus on marketing and brand development

He advises customers, calculates the projects and is responsible for the creative end result.

It all started with an interest in design and the possibilities of the internet. He then completed his studies in Digital Media Design at Macromedia and graduated with a degree in Design with a focus on Marketing at the Rheinische Fachhochschule in 2005. In 2006 he founded the web agency Royal Design with an emphasis on the realization and networking of sophisticated web projects.

He is now a CCI-certified trainer for media design and has received prestigious awards with Royal Design, such as the FWA Mobile Award, and made the shortlist for the DMMA Online Star. Numerous agencies as well as large-and medium-sized enterprises are among Royal Design’s clients.

Marco Steffen – Frontend Architect

He keeps an eye on the code and brings customer projects online using cutting-edge technical resources.

His focus is on the combination of technology and design to make web applications more user-friendly and intelligent. It is the combination of "form follows function" and the distinctive "look and feel" so that visitors experience not only sophisticated technology but also a visual highlight. He always assesses the meaningful integration of digital trends and their opportunities during the design of web projects.

In addition to freelance projects he completed his degree in Media Design in Trier in 2007 and joined Royal Design in Cologne in 2008. Today he is the technical director of the internet agency and always at the forefront of development in terms of web technology. His focus lies on the realization of technically and creatively outstanding projects.

      0221 / 270 9 666

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